Sofa Repair Service in Ho Chi Minh Fixing Sagging and Flattening Sofas

After using a sofa for a while, you may encounter problems such as sinking deeply into the seat or feeling a sense of emptiness when sitting. This can negatively impact your health and create discomfort for guests. If you do not fix this problem early, your sofa will have a shorter lifespan, causing inconvenience and additional costs for repair or replacement. If you are experiencing this issue, contact our Sofa repair team in Ho Chi Minh city at home immediately through our hotline: 0989.761.786 (Mr. Hiep).

Common Causes of Sofa Sagging and Flattening TNCARE

The quality of a sofa depends on the materials used to make it, ranging from budget-friendly to high-end products. The time it takes for a sofa to sag or flatten also varies due to external forces and material quality. However, some common causes occur in the following parts:

  • Foam/spring cushion: This is an essential part of a good sofa, usually found inside the seat or backrest. The better the material used, the more comfortable and durable the sofa will be. However, if the manufacturer uses low-quality foam, it will quickly sag after a while, causing unaesthetic appearance, back pain, etc.
  • Springs/straps: These are also essential components of a good sofa, located underneath the foam cushion. Their main function is to support the foam cushion/frame, providing the user with a feeling of elasticity, softness, and comfort when using it. The springs will also reduce sagging, so when this problem occurs, it can also have a significant impact.
  • The sofa fram: The part made from natural wood or industrial wood (but must be hard wood). It is the main bone axis that ultimately supports the force when there is an external force (when you sit, lie, or jump on the sofa). sofa set), this force has been greatly reduced when going through the foam cushion and is supported by the reaction force of springs and elastic belts.

Why Should You Repair Sagging and Flattening Sofas Immediately ?

Sofas are used daily by every family to relax and gather after a hard day’s work. They can also be a space to entertain guests, clients, and partners, making them a symbol that defines your home and professionalism. Therefore, a sagging or flattened sofa will cause discomfort for the user.

  • Health impact: Using a sagging sofa can make you feel uncomfortable, cause back pain, or even worse, lead to long-term body aches and irritability for yourself and those around you.
  • Poor aesthetics: If you use these sofas as decorative furniture, it would be a source of pride for you with friends, guests, and partners. However, inviting them to sit on a sagging or flattened sofa will be very unaesthetic and create a bad impression, making it difficult to have a confident conversation.

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